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Some questions for which I am seeking answers...

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Old 31 January 2010, 12:53 PM
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Re: Some questions for which I am seeking answers...

Originally Posted by Krsna Das View Post

2. And the verse in SriMad Bhagwatam that states that Moon is twice as far as Sun, how do you reconcile this?

All glories to SriSri Radha Krsna !
Hare Krshna

Here is my 2 cents

The Sun is our AtmA indeed , the Vedic Sun
who rises to bring us from darkness (ignorance) to light (knowledge, enlightenment)

The Moon represents manas, the mind.
When pure its cool, beautiful, pleasant, poetic. The moon.

The AtmA- Sun is ours, Atma chaitanya, inner self, being, is obviously the most intimate. Hence closer than the mAnas-moon which can be "chanchal" and run about helter skelter. Plus , we are not the [material] mind, we are the AtmA.

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